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Heisenberg – Pre Workout

It is a special nutritional supplement designed to support training performance and increase energy before exercise. Its formula is inspired by a famous chemist and designed to provide a strong and lasting source of energy, improve concentration and increase muscular endurance during training sessions.

HEISENBERG - PRE WORKOUT 420g 69,90 Original price was: €69,90.49,90Current price is: €49,90.


Is formulated to deliver maximum performance and energy during workouts. Its high-quality ingredients are carefully selected and combined to provide the user with an instant surge of energy, increase endurance and performance, and enhance the overall training experience.


  • Increases energy and endurance: Heisenberg Pre Workout contains stimulating substances such as caffeine, which boost energy levels and help increase endurance during intense training.
  • Improves focus and mental endurance: In addition to physical performance, this supplement also supports focus and mental endurance, which are crucial for effective training.
  • Provides a strong energy surge: Heisenberg Pre Workout contains various stimulating substances that provide a powerful energy surge, which can lead to improved performance during training.


The effects of using Heisenberg Pre Workout may include:

  • Increased energy and alertness
  • Improved endurance during training
  • Enhanced mental alertness and focus
  • Improved training performance and efficiency

Side Effects:

When using Heisenberg Pre Workout, it’s important to follow the recommended dosages and manufacturer’s instructions. Some ingredients, such as caffeine, may cause side effects such as nervousness, nausea, or sleep difficulties in some individuals. Therefore, it’s important to exercise caution and respect individual tolerances.

How to Use:

Before using Heisenberg Pre Workout, it’s recommended to thoroughly read the usage instructions provided on the package. Typically, it’s recommended to mix one scoop with water and consume it approximately 20 – 30 minutes before starting your workout. It’s important to follow the recommended dosage and not exceed the maximum daily dose.


Ingredients in Heisenberg Pre Workout may include:

  • Caffeine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • L-tyrosine
  • B-vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Stimulants (e.g., taurine)
  • Various plant extracts (e.g., guarana extract)

These ingredients are combined to provide comprehensive support for training performance and energy, taking into account the need for focus and mental endurance. It’s important to ensure that the ingredients align with the individual needs and tolerances of each user.


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