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It is a high-quality supplement that supports muscle growth, improves performance and reduces body fat. Its active substances stimulate anabolic processes in the body and improve endurance. Although it may have some side effects, it is considered a safe and effective supplement for athletes and fitness people.

ANDARINE (S4) - SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS 60 CAPS 79,90 Original price was: €79,90.59,90Current price is: €59,90.

Is a high-quality supplement known for its effects in promoting muscle growth, improving performance and reducing body fat. This product is manufactured to the highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing and is intended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Support for rapid muscle growth: SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) contains active substances that can stimulate protein synthesis in muscles, which leads to a faster increase in muscle mass.
Performance Enhancement: This supplement can increase endurance and strength, which can lead to better results in training and an increase in overall performance.
Body Fat Reduction: In addition to promoting muscle growth, SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) can also help burn excess fat, which can lead to better muscle definition.


Strong anabolic effect: The main feature of this product is its ability to stimulate anabolic processes in the body, which leads to a faster increase in muscle mass.

Improved Endurance: SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) can increase energy production in cells, which can lead to improved endurance and ability to perform intense physical training.

Fewer Side Effects: Compared to some other anabolics, SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) has fewer side effects, making it more suitable for some individuals.

Side Effects:

Although SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) is generally considered a safe supplement, some individuals may experience some side effects.

Increased aggression: In some people, the use of this supplement may cause increased aggression and irritability.
Suppression of testosterone: Long-term use can cause suppression of testosterone production in the body.

Visual side effects: Some users may experience visual problems, such as yellowish discoloration of vision.


The recommended dosage of SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) may vary depending on individual needs and goals. For most users, a dosage of between 25 mg and 50 mg per day is recommended. The supplement is often used in the form of cycles, where it is taken for a certain period of time, followed by a rest period.


The main active ingredient in SWISS PHARMACEUTICALS – ANDARINE (S4) is Andarin, also known as S4. In addition, it may contain other excipients that improve the absorption and effectiveness of the product.


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